Here are some of the radio-related toys I've been playing with

  • Alfa AWUS036ACH - This has the right chipset for playing in the 12.5cm / 6cm bands
  • Baofeng UV-S9PLUS - Who even knows what this is? It's not even a real Baofeng.
  • Diamond CX210 - Sometimes you gotta share an antenna
  • Diamond MR77 - Sometimes you want to take your stuff with you on the road
  • Diamond X-50N-ACS - Radios are much less fun without a decent antenna
  • HackRF One - If you need an SDR that can Tx just a smidge
  • Kenwood TM-V71A - This is my main 2m / 70cm rig. Plenty of grunt for when my license lets me use more Tx power
  • Malahit DSP 2 - A great portable all-in-one SDR setup. I got the real one from Georgiy RX9CIM to support the developer instead of the copycats
  • MFJ-945E - Antenna tuner that goes all the way up to the 6M band
  • MFJ-269D - Antenna analyser that goes all the way up to UHF
  • Panasonic RF-3100 - My first ever radio! My Dad bought it for me brand new in 1984 and I've been hooked since.
  • RadiaCode-101 - The fun doesn't have to stop at MHz ... this thing dials it up to YHz
  • Retevis RT3S - Something to play with DMR
  • RTL-SDR V3 - I actually have several of these hooked up to Raspberry Pis doing various things
  • SignaLink USB - The interface from my Kenwood to my computer and gateway to digital modes
  • Sola Electric 63-26-625-00 - Basically a constant voltage transformer which provides galvanically isolated and well regulated clean power to the shack
  • Yaesu VX-7R - new (for me) - 5W on 50/144/430 makes this incredibly versatile as an EDC radio
  • Uniden Bearcat BC100XLT - My first scanner. Good for some light mischief back in the 80s/90s.