Software Projects

  • APRS-SDR - Send APRS packets entirely within the browser using a HackRF SDR
  • Black Cat ACARS - ACARS decoder from the same developer as MultiMode Cocoa
  • BlackHole - Virtual Audio Driver for macOS to pass audio between applications
  • CHIRP - Programming tool for many types of amateur radios
  • CHIRP Next - Re-write of CHIRP using modern libararies, etc. Runs much better on macOS
  • Crossover - An amazing tool to run Windows software on Mac (Intel or Apple Silicon)
  • CubicSDR - A very flexible cross-platform SDR radio application
  • DMRConfig - A utility for programming digital radios via USB programming cable.
  • DSDPlus - Decode DMR and other digital modes from an audio card, SignaLink or SDR
  • EchoHam - Echolink client for macOS
  • Fldigi - A suite of software for playing with digital modes
  • FreeDV - Digital voice over radio
  • Gqrx SDR - A great cross-platform SDR radio application
  • MCP-2A - Kenwood's official Memory Control Program for the TM-V71A/E, TM-D710A/E and RC-D710
  • MultiMode Cocoa - A great macOS app to decode digital modes including ACARS
  • MultiPSK - Decode just about any digital mode you come across from audio card or SDR
  • QDMR - DMR Codeplug programmer for multiple radios
  • QIRX - SDR software that can also decode DAB/DAB+
  • - An APRS client for macOS
  • RT Systems - Programming software for a wide range of radios. Competitor to CHIRP but paid.
  • SDR Angel - My new favourite given the nice macOS support (also multiplatform Win/Linux)
  • SDR++ - Cross-platform and open source SDR software aiming to be bloat free and simple
  • SigDigger - A great app to use with HackRF - can even decode analogue TV!
  • SignaLink Compatible Software - A selected list of software that works well with a SignaLink
  • VX-7 Commander - Comprehensive programming software for the Yaesu VX-7/VX-7R
  • - Listen to DAB/DAB+ broadcast radio on an SDR

Hardware Projects

  • DVStick - Hardware decoding of digital modes like DMR
  • Radio Modifications - If you want to go a bit deeper into your radio equipment
  • SignaLink - Connect your radio audio to your computer for recording or digital Tx/Rx

Nearby Web SDRs and Online Audio


Radio and Electronics Shopping (mostly in Australia)

  • Altronics - Like Jaycar, but no stores local to me, but might be local to you
  • Andrews Communications Systems - Local store in NSW
  • Core Electronics - Lots of Raspberry Pi and Maker stuff
  • Digi-Key - When you know what individual component you need
  • DX Engineering - Huge US based site
  • Element14 - The smaller and more specialist parts, like Digi-Key
  • InStock Wireless - Splitters and combiners - always in stock
  • Jaycar - If you need it today, you can walk in and get it
  • Minikits - Australia's Largest range of Electronic Kits and Components for the Radio Experimenter
  • QSL Comms - Supporting local HAM clubs with every purchase
  • Radio Parts - All sorts of useful odds and ends
  • RF Shop - All things RF and some good stuff in the WiFi/4G space for IOT
  • Strictly Ham - Based in VIC
  • SV2CZF - Lots of antennas at a site in Greece
  • Tecsun Radios - Family owned business founded by VK2YBX

Some local HAMs with nice pages

  • VK2GRU - I've known this guy like forever... he's the one that got me to actually get licensed
  • VK2RF - The site isn't being actively updated but still lots of great info here
  • VK2GEL - Retired QF 747 captain - lots of cool aviation stuff here in addition to HAM

Other great HAM related info

Completely Not HAM related - 12V Power / Solar / Battery / DIY

  • Custom Power Cables - Totally custom-made cables with a cool online "cable builder" app
  • SBP Electrical - Electrical parts for 12V systems and solar
  • GJE Australia - Custom 12V parts and accessories
  • MyGenerator - Power products online
  • Outback Marine - Great prices on 12V stuff
  • PowerStream - These guys have a great assortment of unusual electronics for unusual requriements
  • Tindie - Always fun to have a browse here for weird / rare stuff including HAM-related
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