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A funny thing happens at the intersection of being a HAM, a computer geek and an aviation enthusiast. They are in fact incredibly overlapping interests. This page is just to collect some interesting links at that intersection.

I've got a few SDRs running in various aviation-related tasks. The first is an ADSB tracker

I've also got an SDR running OpenWebRX+ which lets you listen to the air band and hear the ATC and pilots chatting while you track with the ADSB. The link for that is here: https://sdr.vk2.net.

It's also possible to decode the ACARS transmissions using Black Cat ACARS software. At the moment I don't have this publicly accessible, although you can use the OpenWebRX site above to pick up the transmissions and decode them yourself.

As an aviation enthusiast, one of the things I enjoy doing is flying on rare or otherwise unusual aircraft. I've kept a log-book of these and over the years have posted some things online about my travels. Nowadays I capture a lot more info in my log book and in an effort to try to fill-in the gaps in the earlier entries (going back to the 1980s) I discovered that there are some old archives available to help. Here is one example for US flights that lets you go back to 1987: https://www.transtats.bts.gov/ontime/departures.aspx.

Here are some further links to bits of content that I've written over the years in relation to aviation:

Posted: 9-June-2023

Flying a Robinson R22
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